Comal Community Band Music Across the USA Concert

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This is the music from the March 16, 2014 “Music Across the USA” concert performed by the Comal Community Band at First United Methodist Church fundraiser for a Rwanda Mission Trip.

Marching Down Broadway
Theme from “New York, New York”
Highlights from “Jersey Boys”
Selections from “Chicago”
Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch
Georgia on My Mind
Songs of Texas
Eagle Squadron
An American Celebration
Armed Forces Pride of America/Stars and Stripes Finale

Comal Community Band Summer 2013 Concert

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Sorry to report that I was only able to salvage two songs from my recording this afternoon due to people talking. The good news is that these are two songs that I have not already published on the site.

God Bless America
That’s A Plenty

Comal Community Band – 2013 Music Study Club Concert

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On February 7, 2013, the Comal Community Band played at the Music Study Club held at St. Mary’s Hall at St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in New Braunfels.  For this performance, I got to test my new recording device.  I recorded the performance using 3 channel stereo at 190 kbps and I definitely like the results.  It has a limiter and an Auto Gain that is tailored just for musical performances.  So I no longer need to go and fix the clipping in Audacity that I used to have. I’ll be updating the post as I add more of the songs.

Harlem Nocturne
Selections from Les Miserables
Night and Day

Comal Community Band Fredericksburg Concert in the Park

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On Sunday, September 16, 2012, the Comal Community Band performed at the Fredericksburg Concert in the Park.  These were recorded using my pocket recorder from the vantage point of the audio booth.  Any “shuffling” sound is of the people dancing on that wet day.

Alte Kameraden
Heute ist ein grosses fest
Rheinishch Gemultlichkeit
Dejvicanka Polka
Zum wohl irh freunde
Hor auf dein herz
In the Miller Mood
Freude Zur Musik
Bring mir schnell ein beir her
Tisner March
Happy Sound
Sommernacht In Prag
Heute Feiern Wir
In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus
Bis bald auf wiedersehn
Wir Musikanten

Living In My World

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I was browsing reddit like I am prone to do now-a-days and came across a picture that completely captures me in social settings:

Me at Parties...

For those of you who have been with me at parties – there are typically two ways that I respond. I show up long enough to be spotted and then quietly and discretely leave without telling anyone, or I blend with the walls and pretty much hide. This was very evident at one of the wedding showers I attended for Stephen/Danielle’s wedding this past March. Why do I do this? I’m usually completely overwhelmed and my brain shuts down. Thus I do the two things that will bring me relief. This is also why I do not allow parties to be thrown on my behalf – It’s hard to escape a party when you are the center of attention and I would be so mentally exhausted that it may sometimes make me physically ill. Before my Asperger’s diagnosis, I thought this was entirely social anxiety and shyness – but that doesn’t explain the mental exhaustion toll that social interactions may cause me. But now I understand why I respond in this way and I need to work on how to help solve this problem.

Small groups are easy (6-8 people). Technical meetings are OK for me at almost any size. But social gatherings are very very difficult. This explains why I tried to hide when I used to attempt to go to my “mid-sized” small group at church.

So if you see me like this, you can understand why I’m doing this. It isn’t a sign that I’m dissing you. It’s just means I must escape to my “happy zone” from time to time.

(Credit to Aspie Strategy blog for the image)

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