This is the first of two posts that I hope will chronicle my experiences at the most awesome event that I attended between September 18-21, 2014 at a camp nestled in the mountains of northern Georgia. This inaugural event was held by Steve Kamb and the crew at the website NerdFitness plus some awesome teachers who educated and motivated us to be the best person physically and mentally that we can be. Read More

Updated on 3/2/2015 to bring things up-to-date Updated on 10/18/2014 to Mark Off Items From the List Updated on 10/26/2014 for Amy’s Bootcamp, Going Shirtless, and an update on Softball/Wiffleball In the first part of this series (Camp Nerd Fitness Post-Mortem), I described my experiences at camp. As I said in the article, this was one of my life transformational events. What is a life transformational event? These are important events that change the direction of my life henceforth. Read More

This is a quick blog post for my pictures from Camp Nerd Fitness event in Clayton, GA. I expect to have a full posting of my thoughts and experiences this weekend (Sept 27-28). CNF Photo Gallery Official CNF Photo Gallery Photos including me: The Airport Shuttle Crew: My Costume for the Costume Party Night After Closing Ceremonies talking to Steve All pictures with the watermark were taken by Will Byington Photography. Read More

This is the music from the Independence Day celebration in New Braunfels TX at the Bandstand in the Main Plaza. The music selection includes a plethora of marches and patriotic songs. As this was an outoor performance, you will hear ambient sounds from the parade while listening to the music. The music is a bit woodwind heavy due to the placement of the recorder in an out-of-the-way space… The vocals were performed by CCB member Jacob Cantu. Read More

This is the music from the June 29, 2014 Concert held at Wesley Hall at the First United Methodist Church in New Braunfels. This was our pre-4th of July concert featuring patriotic music. This concert is given as a “thank-you” to church for allowing us to use their facilities after New Braunfels ISD shuts down for the holidays/summer. This concert is the last performance of this season with the full band. Read More

I have made a few huge updates today to the website. Besides the tweaking of the overall look, I have assimilated my Network Blog postings onto the new Jekyll blog and will post about both on here. I brought most of the posts from the former site here - but I did do some “Spring Cleaning” by removing ones that were time-related (webchats and so forth) and kept the old URL if possible. Read More

This is my summary posting of my May 2014 fitness activities. Most of my workouts and tracking is available on the main page of this website under the Fitness Log tab. This contains my Walk/Jogging activities. For the month of May, I tracked that I walked or jogged approximately 30 miles in monitored activities (i.e., I did a planned walking/jogging workout; this does not include the incidental walking that I do during the day). Read More

No MP3’s are available for this concert. I didn’t release the hold button for the first part of the concert and the second half was ruined by the sounds of the fountain. (Well, I could post them, but there would be a very loud water noise throughout the entire concert.) I don’t think there was anywhere else where I could have put the recorder to avoid it. Sorry guys. Read More

I’m in need of finding an Accountability Partner for multiple things (one person could satisify both needs). I need someone to kick my butt to help me keep down on the fitness path - someone who won’t take my excuses when I hurt too much or just don’t want to do the things that I need to do. I promise I’ll provide the same support to my accountability partner. The second need is keeping more with the traditional role of the Accountability Partner. Read More

(includes updates from May 25, 2014 - JER) I’ve gotten this website to a functional level, so I guess it is time to do an update on what is going on in my life right now. It’s been a busy time, but I’ve been enjoying myself working on some interesting projects at work. Life is different in the non-engineering world and I think it would have been better if I had changed a few years earlier than I did. Read More

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