Who is Jeffrey Randow

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Who is Jeffrey Randow?

Hey. In my real life, I am employed as a developer, infosec, and IT person for the San Antonio Kidney Disease Center (a mid-sized nephrology practice in San Antonio). In my private life, I’m a fairly reserved nerd and rebel trying to follow the pathways of my life. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, a graduate Certificate in Computer Science from Texas State University, and am currently a graduate student and teaching assistant in Computer Science at the Georgia Institue of Technology (OMSCS). Education is a lifelong activity for me – the process of learning helps keep your brain engaged and keeps me young-at-heart.

My significant other is my dog, Rudy, who has been with me since the passing of my mother in April 2008.

I also suffer from high functioning autism that was diagnosed in 2012. I’m able to compensate for this, but you may notice that I might not catch any sarcasm if you interact with me in real life. I say this in order to help others realize that they might be suffering from HFA and they may receive relief if they are diagnosed (it answered so many questions about why I was the way that I was when I was young). Many of my peers in the tech field appear to exhibit many of the symptoms that I have. Know that you can overcome and be excellent in life.

I’m a musician (tuba player) for a few local groups. I played in the Longhorn Band during my time at UT Austin, then joined the Longhorn Alumni Band off-and-on ever since college. In 1998, I joined the Comal Community Band and have played with them ever since. In 2009, I joined the Hill Country Community Band based in Wimberly, but had to resign due to changing jobs and not being able to attend practice on time due to my new work situation. I also play in a few ensembles at church for special occasions.

Finally, I am unabashedly Christian. I have posted my testimony here describing the path that I have followed. I volunteer at my church both in music performance but also on the Creative Arts team handling sound mixing, stream processing, front-of-house and back-of-house media, and other things as needed (but I am not as good as doing than the former).

For the gamers out there, my XBOX Live Gamer Tag and my Steam usernames is wxstormer. Feel free to add me, but just let me know who you are.


  • Comal Community Band (since 1998)
  • Hill Country Community Band (former member)
  • Oakwood Orchestra and Creative Arts Team
  • Meteorology (See my Weather Station at http://www.nbtx-wx.com)
  • Nature/Landscape Photography
  • Austin Hackerspace / Geekdom (former members)
  • Amateur Radio (N5SNT) (I’m interested in digital modes on HF, SDR Radio, and VHS/UHF)


  • Food: Bar-B-Que
  • Drink: Unsweet tea (I’m diabetic and don’t do alcohol)
  • Active TV Show(s): Amazing Race, Ninja Warrior, Hells Kitchen
  • Sci-Fi Alignnment: I’m a trekkie.
  • Traditional Music: Green Day, Queen, Willie Nelson, Carrie Underwood
  • Contemporary Christian: Chris Tomlin, Austin Stone, Rend Collective
  • Languages: C, Python, C++
  • Workout: Walking my dog; The big 3 lifts.
  • Games: I love Werewolf and will play it as much as possile. Machi Koro, Catan, Ticket-to-Ride
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