February 2017 End of Month Rollup Update

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Updated to Hugo 0.19

I did my first ever public pull-request on github by updating the gitlab pages hugo docker script to hugo 0.19. I’ve done pull requests on my private repos and servers, but never on the public facing one. So everything has been updated to 0.19 and all of the links now work. :)

OK, my initial plan of posting weekly went the way of the dodo-bird. It’s been a hectic month and I have only since gotten my head above the water. Also, I have been waiting until the 0.19 release of Hugo is available because it will fix the 404 error pages on my Categories and Tag pages (already tested locally, but I don’t want to overload Gitlab so much by compiling a dev version of Hugo on every update).

I have been working out doors most weekends whenever it wasn’t raining. I’ve been alternating weeks of getting much from Comal County and fill/garden dirt from NB Stone Supply. So I used the much and the garden mix to build my Onion/Garlic (aka Allium) garden. This will be a permanent place for the garlic and the multiplying onions.

My Allium Garden

In the InfoSec world, I’ve been working on my Android and Windows Malware Project 3 for class. I’ve also been working on a post describing encrypted messaging tools (Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc). I also have an upcoming posting on how to setup a NGINX proxy box that does automatic LetsEncrypt certificaates (the Synology method sucked, so I rolled my own). Also - it would probably be a good idea to change your passwords due to the news that Google was able to find a second way to create a specific SHA-1 hash. SHA-1 is still used in a lot of password authentication system, so many of them are still affected by this bug. Also CloudBleed… Fortunately I avoided a bullet there as I was thinking about using Cloudflare in front of this host. But alas, I couldn’t give up domain control for this website to Cloudflare because of all of the dynamic DNS subhosts.

In the fitness world, I’m a major slacker. I need for my accountability buddy to kick my butt. In a big way. I haven’t been to the gym much, and I’ve only hit my revised step goal of 11,000 every other day (I sleep on the alternate day).

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