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I added some additional photos in both the Family section as well as my personal photos..  My additions to the personal photo section chronicle more of my early youth.  Man am I getting sentimental these days…

I added an additional photo of my father to the Family section of him on his beloved Farm-All-B (sp) tractor.  This was a few years before he passed away.  I will have many more photos to post later this weekend and in the coming weeks.  I plan to digitize many of the photos that I have around the house and in the photo albums.  I don’t have much that is current, though, as we all hated having our pictures taken, so there won’t be much from later in my parent’s life or many that show me the way that I am today.  So go ahead and enjoy these pictures and I ask that if you have any other photos of any of us, please sent them and I’ll scan them in and post them.

Also, I have been using my Canon MP530 copier/scanner/fax machine to scan the pictures.  This device will allow me to scan several items at a time and then automatically crop out each individual picture for me.  I may tweak the settings on some of the future photos to increase the DPI somewhat, but for the purpose of posting them to the web, there won’t be much appreciable difference.

Again, thanks to everyone…

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