April Showers

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It’s about time for me to post an update and brain dump:

  • The planter garden is done (for now) with four rosebushes (three of which are blooming right now), six marigolds, 5 daylilies, and a few cannas.  I still have much more to plant, but I want to make sure that these things live first.  I have seven tomato plants with three actual tomatoes on them (and many, many blooms) and more onions than what I know what do with (I love onions).
  • I put in a floor with carpet tiles in the spare bedroom and started moving things in there.  This a relief as that room was just a junk repository for years.  I still haven’t moved the bed in, but that will happen by next weekend.  So if any of y’all out there want to come to New Braunfels to tube or go to Wurstfest and need a place to crash, you know where to call.
  • I’m working on my home office/workout room.  This is very much a work in progress.  I think I have finally picked out a paint color to use.  My next task is to move the bed into the spare bedroom, then to paint.  I should be done with desks since I went to IKEA this past weekend to pick up a new table and office stuff.
  • The Spring Concert for the Comal Community Band was today.  A good time was had by all.
  • I went and spent a weekend at Rockport the last week of March.  This was my first trip there in 11 years since my dad passed away.  I’ll go back sometime this summer and camp at Goose Island.
  • I want to take an Alaska cruise, but I’m worried about the volcano erupting in Anchorage.  Volcanic Ash + COPD/Asthma do not mix too well.
  • I had a loss at the office.  I miss him terribly, but he is working at a better place now.  Good luck dude…
  • I had continuing “suckage” at bowling this spring.  I finished the league with a pathetic 124 average.  I started the season at 138.  Maybe this summer or fall.

Enough general brain “dumpage” for now.

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