New Year New Start - Blog Relaunch

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This posting launches the new and improved “Jeffreys Ruminations”. The previous blog was kept offline for so long because I was no longer able to generate new pages in Jekyll (the static site generator on the old site). I have since rewritten the entire site from scratch complete with my own new theme based on Bootstrap 3 for the Hugo Static Site Generator program. This has been a fun project and a learning experience for both HTML5/CSS3 and Hugo. Most of the old URL’s should work, but I did retire a few pages. Everything that was on my old Network Blog ( has been migrated with the original URLs, but I added a warning that the content is woefully out-of-date and is available for continuity purposes only.

I do plan on posting on both personal as well as technical content. One focus that I will have is on online privacy in communication and security of networking devices. I’m planning on adding Note pages for resources - Security, Dev, Python, and life hacking. More on life with high-functioning autism. More on my fitness journey. And just some regular “stuff” that I may sometimes post on Facebook or Social Media. Just a little of everything. And more concert videos/music. I have a backlog of about 5 concerts that I will be processing over the next couple of days. I hope you like the new playback experience that I’ve added.

Thank you all for your support over the years.

Update 1: Removed Disqus. Lots of ad trackers cluttering up the Network inspection tab. I’m aiming for privacy, so it should be private.

Update 2: Added pages for /tags/ and /categories/. Hugo 18.1 still has some errors that cause certain taxonomy pages to not render properly. I’m hoping that adding the taxonomy term lists will prompt it to do so. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until Hugo 19.0 (hopefully) to have reliable page generation. I have a bug in the hugo issue tracker on github.

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