Comal Community Band Concert - 2014 Seguin Central Park Series

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No MP3’s are available for this concert. I didn’t release the hold button for the first part of the concert and the second half was ruined by the sounds of the fountain. (Well, I could post them, but there would be a very loud water noise throughout the entire concert.) I don’t think there was anywhere else where I could have put the recorder to avoid it. Sorry guys. :(

The Comal Community Band will be performing for the Seguin Central Park Concert in the Park series on Sunday, June 1, 2014 starting at 7 PM Central.

For more information about where this concert is located, please check out this link from the City of Seguin Parks and Recreation Department.

The concert will be broken up into two parts - the first part is German music and the second is traditional American music.

The song list (which may change based on time):


  • Wurzburger Weinlese
  • Wir grussen Euch
  • Sag “Dankeschon” mit roten Rosen
  • Kannst du Knodel kochen
  • Die Musik, die geht uns ins Blut
  • Melton-Marsch
  • Egerlander Musikantenfest
  • Uns’re Blasmusik
  • Tulpen aus Amsterdam
  • Wir Musikanten


  • Eagle Squadron
  • Irvin Berlin Showstoppers
  • Oklahoma
  • Georgia on My Mind
  • A Saint-sational Trio!
  • The Music Man (Lang Arr.)
  • Dixie Polka
  • Songs of Texas
  • Songs for America
  • Armed Forces - The Pride of America / The Stars and Stripes Forever

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