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Well, maybe not quite…  I’ve been learning a lot of the background of sound engineering from the friends at church.  It is a much different world than what I am used to and I can definately say that it is fun.  :)  (Fun isn’t a word you normally hear out of my mouth).  It can be work, especially with transporting the equipment and the teardown, but it is a good labor of love.  Especially when it is for a good cause.

Link of the Week:  Stagelight - How to Do Cable Wrapping - I learned this one from Philip, Jeff, and Doug last night, but the video helps to reinforce the idea.  This will show you how to wind cables in such a way that you could hold one end and throw the rest of it to unwind it.

This post is also my attempt to renew my blogging.  This blog is strictly for my personal and non-computer-techy thoughts.  I haven’t been the most active person the past few weeks/months/years.  I’m hoping that this will act as a part of my re-engaging my passions of life that I have been either purposefully or unconsciously been ignoring to my detriment.  I feel like I am so behind in what I could and should be doing.  It’s time to stop being so regimented in things that must get done.  I’m living in a such a world that I will be (and have been) buried by the self-imposed obligations that are of little importance in the long term.  (And no, this doesn’t mean I am ready to quit just yet…  Sorry…)

More later as I try to follow this latest path.

P.S. My Network Blog should get a bit more active, but I have been so out of it lately that I don’t feel qualified to post anything there…

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