September Thoughts

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I just posted what was probably my first three page long rant posting. It’s password protected as it was only meant for me to have a relief posting. It helped somewhat… :)

On to my regular posting. It has been almost five months since the incident. I’m still struggling with raw emotions, grief, and regrets quite a few times a week. It’s getting better in some ways and worse in other ways. This is normal, though. Time will act as the best salve for what is vexing me…

I won’t comment on work other than to say that I am not a happy camper right now… Four of my officemates, though, have been of incredible help and comfort to me as of late. I will try to be a better and happier worker, but it will require a strength of will and forgiveness that will be difficult for me to muster.

Since my last posting, I have gone to two high school football games (New Braunfels versus Seguin and NB Canyon), one college game (UT vs FAU), and a game watching party for the UT vs UTEP game last night. I used to go to the high school football games all the time back when my father was still alive, so going back proved to be a good distraction for me. So good, in fact, that I ended up buying season tickets for New Braunfels home games. The UT/FAU game was my normal opening game that I have attended every year since 1997 when I first started getting UT season tickets. And last night, a college friend who lives in New Braunfels decided to hold a game watching party at his house. He projected the game against a sheet hung over his (open) garage door. The weather was perfect and the fellowship was great. As for church, I spent the past two weeks at Oakwood Baptist in New Braunfels - last week at their Sunday night service and then I was invited to one of the morning services this morning. I like their church - I just wish it had more traditional worship. I prefer the Sunday evening as it is in a much smaller and cozier venue and I don’t have to fight parking to get in and out.

This week I have two more games and I will be staying up in Austin to geocache after the game - that or climbing Mt Bonnell. I have a Doctor appointment on Friday that I am a bit concerned about (the pinched nerve, or what I think is a pinched nerve, in my toe is a bit concerning) and Rudy has a vet visit Friday afternoon for his last set of puppy shots. And this weekend, I think I will check out Crossroads Community Church in Austin - another college friend is on the staff their and listening to a few of the sermons online proves that they are orthodox which is a requirement for me.

That will be it for now. Thanks for listening.

YBIC, Jeffrey

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