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OK, I seemed to have regressed into my old habit of taking a long time for blog postings…  However nice the 4 day - 10 hours workdays are, it leaves me with little time on Monday through Thursdays.  Throw in a weekly band practice, an occasional bowling league appearance (I’m a substitute for an office league), a bible study class, and just the general stuff, I have no free time.  Plus, I’ve also started redecorating the house a bit - painted the bedroom a “clarified butter” color and moved into the master bedroom, cleaning the house, doing yardwork, football games, and church eat up my three day weekends.  And it won’t get any better any time soon.  I need to paint my old bedroom (thinking of a gnarly green or red color for that room), install some sort of flooring in that old room and the main bathroom, install new toilets in the two bathrooms, etc.  You can get the idea.

And that’s only my personal life.  Or the general lack of it..  I need to get back in the “saddle”, so to speak.  It’s just the available time.  I do have some time scheduled off around Thanksgiving, fortunately, which should let me get a lot of stuff done around the house.  But I need to get out and do/see more.  Talk to people.  Even “flirt” with people (which is very unlike me…).  I haven’t gone to a concert since the last one earlier this summer.

Other interesting happenings:

  • Come to Wassailfest and heckle me…  I’m in a Tuba/Euphonium quartet for Wassailfest peformance in early December.
  • Wurstfest starts next week..  I have my wristband already and am ready to perform for the opening ceremony and the following Monday night.
  • I want to go camping SO BADLY…  I got my State Parks Pass, but now I need to solve the “time” conundrum listed above and get my butt outdoors.
  • I need to learn how to calm my puppy down somewhat.  He gets so rambunctious every evening when I get ready to take him on his nightly walks.
  • I love the recent cooler/cold weather.  I opened all of the windows last night and let the inside temperatures drop into the mid-60’s.  Now if only we could keep the daytime temperatures in the 50’s and the nights in the 30’s.  Also, would it be too much to ask for snow this year?  I haven’t seen any at home in years.  The past few snow “showers” that occured in Central Texas all happened around where I live, but never where I lived.

I still have some good days and some bad days.  I have now made it through six months and it is still difficult.  I still play the “blame” game and live life with regrets, which I should and must not do.  Ahh well, I know it takes time.  But it still sucks.  Sucks badly.

If anyone ever wants to talk, feel free to IM me.  I’ll try to be more positive…  :)

Anywhoo…  Enough rambling for now.  Kick my butt if I take another month to do my next post.

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