Work-In-Progress: Planter Bed

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The picture to the left represents my latest work-in-progress - my planter bed at the gate.  This will be for a future rose garden (it isn’t time to plant rose bushes yet in this part of Texas) in honor of my mother who passed away last April.  It isn’t done yet - I need about another 15 wheelbarrow loads of dirt from my dirt pile to fill it up, put mulch down, and plant more “plants”.  Right now, I have 5 daylilies and a few other perennial bulbs planted.  Next month, I will add three or four rose bushes from the Antique Rose Emporium and a few other perennials.

The planter bed has subsurface watering via a buried soaker hose, a compost layer, and the dirt is the local “Garden Mix” that I acquired about three years ago (much better than the default Houston Black Clay).

It may not seem like much work, but it took most of the weekend to get this far.  The landscape timbers were recycled from an old bed in the back yard and had to have the pipes used to secure it removed, then be connected to each other, have two of them buried, then landscape fabric, hauling the compost from the backyard to the front, then about 35~40 wheelbarrow loads of dirt from a pile that I had to remove the grass and other junk that was growing on it (from three years ago).  In the process, got a few calluses, more than a few fire ant bites, and a few sore muscles.  But it will be worth it.  :)

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