About My Faith

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About My Christianity

Although I am both a computer geek and an engineering dork, I am first and formost Christian. I started out my life as a Roman Catholic, but I never got to know God or Jesus during these years. I went through the motions. However, after a traumatic set of events from a few years ago, I finally broke down these misconceived notions and finally got to know Jesus. After that, I got a sense of well-being and an inner peace. This page is my attempt to introduce others to the loving grace of God.

First, I want to start out with my testimony. This is the story of the path my life took before discovering Christ and then discusses the changes he wrought in me.

Check out my testimony. Then visit others and hear their stories. Think about them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using any of the mechanisms you see above. I will endeavor to answer whatever question you may ask and can point you to others who are more knowledgeable for things that I do not understand (and there are still many things that I am still learning). Also, please feel free to email me with any prayer requests you may have.

If you would like access to online bible study resources (RightNow), please contact me and I can activate a free subscription for you.

Christian Resources:

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