The Road Ahead (Updated for 2017)

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In the aftermath of my first trip to Camp Nerd Fitness 2014 (CNF: The Original Series) in Georgia, I posted a list of things that I was motivated to follow up on and do. This post is an update to see where I’ve been, what I am doing, and where I should be going with updates added now as I have progressed through the annals of my life.

Goals from 2014

  • Respect my body. Continue on my weight loss journey. Have the surgery I need. Build strength. Look good naked. This hasn’t truly happened yet. I accomplish some and then I fail. I need to make this more a priority in life.

  • Build sincere and lasting relationships. Overcome my fear of people and interact socially. Go out of my comfort zone and find things to do. If I can’t find someone to do something with, meet someone new. This I have been doing. I am forcing myself to attend things and talk to people. Push my comfort zone. My motto has been to “$@#% Introversion” and I have been somewhat successful as of late. One of the ways I have conquered this is my love of a game called “Werewolf”. Adam Baker re-introduced me to this game back at Camp Nerd Fitness 2015 and I have loved it ever since. This is a game that you play with a group of people - you have to talk your way through surviving as a village as a group of Werewolves try to eat you. You can’t be silent in this, and it has been invaluable for me to learn how to read people better - which is a skill that I do not have due to my autistic background.

  • Get out of the frying pan. The constant worrying and stress is not helping me on my journey. I need to stop second guessing myself and forgive myself for things I have done in the past that contribute to the stress and worry. Speak out and express myself. This is what has been screwing up my life the most. The constent worry, anxiety, and struggles over recovering from the past. This has led to my problems of just giving up (i.e., depression) and the vicious cycle I am trying to escape from on point number one from above.

  • Get my rump out and do things. Stop hiding. Do things. Do “stuff” that scares you. See the answer from the previous point.

Additional Goals from 2017

  • Take more time for “me”. I am a valuable person. I should prioritize time for “me” activities and not “punish” myself for trivial matters.

  • Learn male/female relationships. I don’t understand these relationships which in turns inhibits me from easily making close friends or having a “real” girlfriend. So I need to take some time and learn what I have been clueless with most of my life.

Original Action Points from 2014

  • Do Karaoke (to get over my fear, anxiety, and self esteem) Scary as hell. Did it in front of a small group.
  • Do a one-legged bodyweight squat.
  • Do a pull-up. A real pull-up. Yeah Right. I need to lose like 200 lbs for that to happen.
  • Go to PorkChopPlatoon LAN next year. Last Summer busy with major rollout at work. This summer is NerdCation 2017.
  • Run a 5K. Note the term “Run”. Not walk. I can do better than that. I kinda did this.
  • Do a Tough Mudder or Spartan Race. I don’t care how long it takes me to finish - just the fact that I would do this. I am planning to do one of these events with Devyn in the fall (2017). Even if I can’t finish.
  • Play Softball - A good start in a team sport and will force me to work with others on a team. I tried. They cancelled my Softball league. Then they cancelled my Wiffleball league. I may try a church softball league later in the spring
  • Do Toastmasters. Push the comfort zone. Postponed for now.
  • Go to a Party and not hide. Be a center of attention. This was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I stayed through it and succeeded.
  • Climb Enchanted Rock. On my list to do this spring.
  • Hike Mt. Rainier. I need to go to Seattle first.
  • Travel someplace I haven’t been before. NerdCation 2017 at Glacier coming up - never been there before.
  • Play more table top games (i.e., go to meetups). Going to the New Braunfels Table Top Game Meetup. Also went to Pax South 2014/2015/2016 and did games.
  • Find friends. Yeah. Casual friends. Still need to increase the pool of people to “hang out” with.
  • Try Cosplay. Probably not something I would normally like to do, but something to push my limits. Failure.
  • Find a random person every day and just talk with them. Not everyday, but whenever I am in public
  • Actually do the whole Girlfriend thing. It has been years since I’ve been in a proper boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. But I am not getting any younger. I suck at this. There are personal reasons for this, but this is probably going to be the hardest thing for me as it will force me to change in ways that will be terribly difficult. I’ll post more about this later.
  • Play Ultimate. **Played a round at CNF 2016. Better than nothing… :) **
  • Squat 250 pounds. Success at CNF 2016
  • Bench Press 200 pounds. PR is 175 at CNF 2016
  • Throw a Party. Well, I did hold a super bowl party for two people.
  • Take my shirt off in public and not be embarrassed. Done. And furthermore, I’m making my shirtless “before” pictures live.
  • Play Dodgeball or Flag Football. Equivalent at CNF 2016
  • Run a 10K.
  • Survive all of Amy’s Bootcamp. I survived. I actually did all of the bootcamp with only two major breaks which is freaking awesome for me.
  • Camping. Hiking. Running. Hiking was done in October 2014 and a few trails in 2015
  • Go To CNF 20152016. Signed up and Paid for 2015
  • March Halftime at Alumni Band at the UT/Iowa State Game in two weeks. See this post for more information. Done…
  • Have my surgery that has triggered the more urgent need to lose weight. It will be painful and have a slow recovery, but I need this. Still need to do this.

In general, not too shabby, but there is still significant room for improvements.

New Action Points for 2017-02

  • Do a backpack trip. Be it at Glacier or somewhere locally. Force myself to spend a night in the outdoors.
  • Kiss a girl. It has been decades since I have done this.
  • Do an Escape Room.
  • Commit myself to be under 330 lbs by the end of 2017.
  • Keep myself accountable. Talk to my two accountability partners. Make sure that they will kick my nether regions when I slack off.
  • Find a recumbent trike and ride it.
  • For one month, tell a joke a day.
  • Go to a bar and relax.
  • Go to Scarborough and Sherwood Faires.

Yeah, I admit that this years list doesn’t pack the “umph” like the original one, but I still need to definitely cross things off that list as well. I’m following the advice Amy Clover has given me in her bootcamp to set aside time for me.

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