Comal Community Band - 2013 Music Study Club Concert

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On February 7, 2013, the Comal Community Band played at the Music Study Club held at St. Mary’s Hall at St. Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church in New Braunfels.  For this performance, I got to test my new recording device.  I recorded the performance using 3 channel stereo at 190 kbps and I definitely like the results.  It has a limiter and an Auto Gain that is tailored just for musical performances.  So I no longer need to go and fix the clipping in Audacity that I used to have. I’ll be updating the post as I add more of the songs.

  url: "ccb2013msc-harlem.mp3" 
- title: "Harlem Nocturne"

  url: "ccb2013msc-lesmis.mp3" 
- title: "Selections from Les Miserables"

  url: "ccb2013msc-nightday.mp3" 
- title: "Night and Day"

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