Cable Guy: Network Access Protection Overview

This month’s Cable Guy article is an overview of NAP (Network Access Protection), which stands for Network Access Protection. NAP is set to be included “server”-wise in the Longhorn Server release (parts of it was supposed to be in R2, but they were dropped a few months back), and client wise in Windows XP and Longhorn.

NAP will allow you to quarantine computers (either local OR remote) that don’t meet a security profile (i.e., patch level, virus definitions, etc) from your secured network. This should be MUCH easier to set up than the current Quarantining features contained in Windows 2003 and refined in R2.

As a manager of a network in a mid-sized business, this feature has been long sought after. I was kinda disappointed when the preliminary NAP support was removed from R2, thus forcing a two year delay in deployment.

For a good overview, check out the article.

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