Cable Guy: WPA Encryption and Integrity

OK, I just missed (probably by a few hours) the posting of the November Cable Guy article about WPA Encryption and Integrity. For those of you out there who are not wireless-aware, WPA is the “improved” data security system for wireless protection.

(To home users - if you have a wireless router or AP that supports WPA AND you don’t have a device that isn’t WPA compatible (Smart Displays, older Pocket PCs, wireless appliances, etc), you should use the WPA support for better security of your wireless network.)

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), as described in the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Overview Cable Guy article, is an interim industry standard that makes 802.11 wireless LAN networking secure through a firmware upgrade to 802.11-based wireless network adapters and wireless access points (APs).

WPA replaces Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) with the combination of the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), which provides data confidentiality through encryption, and Michael, which provides data integrity. This article describes the details of TKIP and Michael and the WPA encryption and decryption processes.

See here for the article