Congratulations to MVP Awardees (and re-awardees)

First, since this is the first day of October - this is the time for the annual MVP awards (and re-awards).  Congratulations to all.

Sadly, this year does not include me.  I wholeheartedly agree with the decision and have been expecting it.  I am trying to rectify it and hopefully will rejoin the ranks sometime within the next year.  However, I have enjoyed the experience for the past 5 years in my many different MVP roles (first as a Windows XP MVP, then as a Smart Display MVP, and finally in my different roles as a Windows Networking MVP).  I have met many people - blue/orange badgers and other fellow MVPs - many of whom I read about widely.  But most importantly, I have learned much.

The good news is that I am about to restore some sanity in my life and will get back here and to the newsgroups and discussion forums.  It has been way too long and way too stressful for too long.  This week, I am taking a break from things for a quick jaunt up to Redmond for four days.  Afterwards, I intend to re-energize myself and get back to what I like doing.  Then watch for the flurry of activity )

I have a few more updates that I will post today, but I must take some time and close up some loose ends before my trip.

Thanks for reading.