HPing for Windows XP Service Pack 2

From a mailing list I am on:

We are happy to announce that Hping 2 works with Windows XP again!
It is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/sectools

For those who might not know, hping 2 is a packet crafting tool created by Salvatore Sanfilippo and ported to Windows by Rob Turpin.  The unix version is available at http://www.hping.org.  When Microsoft removed raw socket support in SP2, hping and a number of other programs broke.  This causes problems in situations where Windows is the only thing available.

So we decided to fix the problem.  For this, we would like to thank Fyoder and the Nmap developers because they had already overcome the biggest hurdles and we were able to work with their code and make it work within Hping 2.

The Sourceforge site is where you can download the package, source, report bugs or post questions in the forums.  You can also contact us, James Fields (james.v.fields@gmail.com) and Kevin Johnson (kjohnson@secureideas.net),  at hping@secureideas.net.

It’s available for download, but hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did with Soureforge, which has been very erratic as of late (probably due to the power situation in California).

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