IE7 finally (officially) released!

IE 7 has finally been officially released.  It appears that Yahoo jumped the gun earlier today with their customized release with the integrated Yahoo Toolbar.  Also note that there is also a trojan program that is purportedly being issued by MS via an email from - DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION.

Sandi H. has posted a detailed message concerning the IE installation, troubleshooting, and general performance tips over at her Spyware Sucks blog.

I haven’t installed the RTM copy yet, but I am using a fairly recent build in my RC2 install of Windows Vista.  It’s better, but I still prefer Firefox due to the plugin support.  In a short time, there will be many plugins for IE, but I will wait a while longer before I give it a chance to be my full time web browser.  For now, I use it primarily for OWA (Outlook Web Access) and Microsoft web access (i.e., MSDN, Connect, etc).

Actually, my biggest complaint about it is the user interface.  I hate the new UI.  It is very difficult to do most anything without having to “un-hide” the menu bar.  I have the same complaint about the new Explorer interface in Vista.  Fortunately, I can use xplorer2 instead of Windows Explorer in Vista.  Hopefully Avant or Maxthon will be released or retrofitted to allow use with the new IE7 rendering engine along with the “classic” interface.

As for the page support, IE7 is much better than IE6 or any other IE versions with regards to CSS support.  There are still things to be done, but it is much better.  And thank you IE team for finally fixing the Page Previews/Printing issues.  I have bugged this in every version of Internet Explorer since version 4.  Finally, it is significantly faster than any prior release.