Mail Tool: “Rules du Jour” for Spamassassin

For those of you out there who use SpamAssassin to filter junk mail from your mailbox, I want to point y’all to a tool that can help decrease the amount of SPAM you are getting now that spammers are adjusting to the new SA rules. Take a peek at the Rules du Joursite - it will allow you to update your ruleset on a fairly frequent basis (I do it once a week at my mail server) with new rules that will help defeat the new spamming technique. After installing the default rulesets available at Rules du Jour, the amount of junk mail detected on my office domain has gone from about 80% to just under 99% (I haven’t had a false positive reported to me yet).

If you do use these additional rulesets, make sure you either increase your warning level to 6 or you will find some real email marked as spam (most real spam messages are running with a score of 30+ on my system, when they were about 6~9 before).