More Vista Questions and Answers

OK, here is another off-topic posting (at least on networking issues), but I have had many emails/comments asking about these issues:

1.  AutoCAD releases prior to the 2008 versions (and all affiliated vertical products) are NOT supported officially by Autodesk.  Some people have reported that they were able to get them to work, but there are issues with stability and the annoying file dialog bugs (with giant thumbnails that can’t be changed permanently).  Source - Autodesk (click here)  - Note that 2008 products work very well..  But that is all I can currently say about that due to NDAs…

2.  There are still no Toshiba M7 and R25 Tablet drivers for Vista available from Toshiba US.  There are older “beta” level drivers available from Toshiba UK and Toshiba Australia, but that is all..  The BIOS updates for the M7 and R25 that support Vista are available if you look hard enough…  However, they are not currently supported as they are the 3.1 BETA BIOS versions.  However, it has worked well on my system since early December.

3.  For Toshiba Satellite R15 tablets, look at the Tecra M4 model for drivers and updates.

4.  Per Bob’s Blog, Toshiba has a patch available that will fix the mute problem with their laptops if you proceeded with an upgrade without unmuting the system.  Check his site here

That’s it for now…  I hope that can help all of you Googlers out there…