More Windows Vista Thoughts

I just have spent a few more hours using Vista in a quasi-production type environment…

What I like:

  • SafeDocs (Automatic Backup). I’m hoping it would be configurable, especially via Group Policy - but I haven’t gotten to that stage yet
  • The new Control Panel Interface - it is much more functional than the default one on Windows XP
  • Remote Desktop Proxy and Authentication options - Likewise, I am still looking at this to see how it can be expanded
  • New Look for Event Viewer/MMC consoles
  • IE 7 is much better - especially at blocking popup ads
  • The “Solutions to Problems” is interesting… It will make beta testing easier. )
Few Tips:

  • IIS is apparently installed by default on Professional. To turn it on, you need to go to Services and enable the World Wide Web Publishing Service (or the FTP Publishing Service for FTP)
Technet has their Windows Vista section here

I still am downloading the two server releases and will play with them after they finish downloading tomorrow (the Connect site is slower than MSDN for me). But after reading some of the How-To guides posted at the website, I can say I am looking forward to playing around with the new features (NAP (Network Access Protection) & Terminal Services Remote Applications) and see if a few things were fixed (Offline Files)