Network Blog Assimilated

I have made a few huge updates today to the website. Besides the tweaking of the overall look, I have assimilated my Network Blog postings onto the new Jekyll blog and will post about both on here. I brought most of the posts from the former site here - but I did do some “Spring Cleaning” by removing ones that were time-related (webchats and so forth) and kept the old URL if possible. There have been a few changes, however:

Why the change?

  • Jekyll is awesome and I can stop worrying about security issues with Wordpress (it wasn’t a problem, but I wanted to be a bit more secure).
  • The site is hosted on Github (Github Pages) and other content is served by a variety of CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). Thus I can post big files and use the Google CDN to serve the file in lieu of my old cable modem connection.
  • Permanence. Keeping the files here provides a sense of permanence.

What’s Coming?

Well, at work, I am currently in a middle of a big (huge for us) deployment of new laptops to all staff. I plan to post some of the MDT and WDS tidbits I’ve learned. (the deployment was on Windows 8.1 on the new boxen and Windows 7 on the old) I’m also looking into an awesome networking security product that is free (PacketFence). I’m also going to post my code for a MAPI utility that you can use to add a mailbox into someone’s Outlook Profile as a part of a logon script.