Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

While browsing the discussion board concerning a particular security conference currently underway today in Las Vegas, I came across an interest contest site that could be excellent in helping build ones forensic skills - The Network Forensics Puzzle Contest. They have a contest currently underway at the said conference that hasn’t been posted to the website, but it will be posted at a later time.

In general, the contest involves you analyzing a hard drive image and a network packet capture and find the answers to a series of questions based on what you find. Skills involved can include (but are not limited to) packet analysis, crypto, protocol analysis, dump file analysis, and even some rudimentary programming. It seems like it could provide a good challenge or contest for a network security group (or groups) to hone ones skill. Most of it is still over my head at this time, but I expect that I could probably do a much better job towards the end of the year when I get nitty-gritty into Network Communication and Security at school.

For more information on the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest, click on the button below:

P.S., while browsing the site and looking at Puzzle # 10, I found an “interesting” security podcast that I’m going to start following: