New Tool: SSL-Explorer

OK, while I was browsing Sourceforge this evening, I came across a new release for a tool that I haven’t seen before - SSL-Explorer. Per the project website:

SSL-Explorer is a fully-featured, web-based SSL VPN server. This practicable remote access security solution includes SSL tunneling, intranet website proxying, Microsoft Windows file sharing and Java application deployment through a standard browser

It works pretty well. This is a pretty good solution for small businesses (or power users) who need to give remote access to users who may be using third party machines or those who are not savvy enough to set up a VPN connection.

At my office, we do not allow most users to have VPN access due to file security concerns. However, they are allowed to check and send email from home, on the road, etc. However, we are using a mail filtering tool (Mailwasher Server) that is web-based. This tool is only accessible from behind the LAN, though. With SSL-Explorer, we could allow remote users to access these internal web resources by just going to the SSL-Explorer web URL that you make publicly available. In addition, this also allows easy access to multiple remote desktop servers on your LAN…

Well, go ahead and check it out: Sourceforge Project Page

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