OT: Windows Mobile/Wizard/MSFP Information

This post is off-topic (or is a related topic) to the normal content here, but I have seen many search terms related to the MSFP (MS Feature Pack for WM5 devices) and other WM-centric questions being directed here…

To answer a few of the questions, I will start here:

1.  Is there a MSFP-capable release for the HTC Apache (i.e., PPC-6700) or the Wizard (Cingular 8125, KJam, etc)?

In the US, the only “providers who have released a full MSFP version would be Sprint-PCS and Alltel for the PPC-6700.  Links can be found at http://pdaphonehome.com in the PPC-6700 forum.  IMate and Qtek have released vendor versions of MSFP cable ROMs for the Wizard.  TMobile US or Cingular have not officially released a MSFP capable version (although Cingular will release an even more updated version (AKU2.2) in the near future).  Note that you can update to third party builds which are available at http://www.xda-developers.com in the Wizard-Upgrading section.  Note that using third party builds will void your warranty.

2.  What is Outlook PCS and why doesn’t it work?

Outlook PCS refers to “Outlook Pocket Contact Syncronizer” which would allow you to sync sub-folders of contact information to your PPC device.  However, this software was written many years ago and doesn’t fare too well in the era of Windows Mobile 5 devices.  For now, the only acceptable alternative is a software package release by Chapura called PocketMirror for Windows Mobile (http://www.chapura.com/pmpwm2_info_hm).  This will allow you to sync sub-folders and public folders for Contacts, Tasks, and Calendars.  It is a bit pricey at $49.95, though.

3.  What is Direct Push?

Direct Push is a new email “push” type technology that is implemented with WM 5 MSFP devices that also requires that you Activesync to an Exchange 2003 SP2 Server.  In practice, you will normally get emails on your phone before they appear in your Outlook.  You currently cannot use DirectPush with the Cingular 8125 until the updated version is made available (or if you use an un-supported third party build).

A few useful websites for these devices include:







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