Plea to Exchange, Outlook, or Windows Mobile Team

I want to make a plea to either the Exchange or the Windows Mobile team at Microsoft (I’m not sure which one to talk to about this) - support synchronization of public folders to MS Mobile Devices.

By supporting synchronization, I mean the following:

  • Allow a Public Folder of Contact Information to be synced to a Smartphone/Pocket PC without the hacking/kludging that the Outlook PCS tool requires
  • Allow the syncronization of a public folder that includes a team calendar
  • (Not public folder related, but…)Allow the synchronization of Contact subfolders
Actually, I would like to encourage the Outlook team to think about the same thing. Why is it that we can’t include a calendar public folder with our own calendar folders. We can if we are using a Sharepoint site. Why make public folders a second class citizen.

I face these issues daily since all of our Project Managers and Officers have Smartphones that are Activesync’ed to the Exchange Server. However, our team contact databases are in public folders. Thus, I must go to everyone and install/setup Outlook PCS to bring in the public folder contacts contents so the phone can sync. However, this syncronization isn’t (or it doesn’t work) bi-directional. You can’t change one of these contacts on the phone and then have the Public Folder updated, like you can with your “local” contacts.

If anyone from the Outlook/Windows Mobile/or Exchange team wants to discuss this, contact me…

Anyone else have this wish?

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