Points of Interest

Wow… My last post was a holiday ago. :(

A few items of interest:

  • The wireless WAN problem I mentioned a few months ago has been solved using about $8 of supplies from my local Lowes store. The problem was due to the extreme heat that we have down here in Central Texas (and to tell you the truth, this has been a pretty cool year). My solution? Build a mesh shelter out of storage cubes and patio screen fabric. My problems are now gone. Of course, the point would have been made moot in another month or so, but it felt good to get it solved.
  • Cisco’s TelePresence room is cool.. If you haven’t seen the TelePresence rooms in one of the local Cisco office, try to make it a point to see it in the future. This room is like a virtual conference room (which isn’t that special), but there implementation is excellent (with surround sound, similar furniture, etc).
  • Sysprep and Mass Storage Drivers suck. Actually, that is being too kind. I spent over a week fighting with Sysprep and getting the 5 different type of Mass Storage devices working on a Windows XP image. Why Windows XP? Our LOB applications still do not work reliably under Windows Vista (ESRI, Bentley/Haestad Methods, and Oce Archiving).
More soon.. :)

Site Note:

I have started locking some of the older posts due to spam problems. These spam postings never make the public side of the site, but are VERY annoying on the administrative side of the blog.