Remote Desktop on your phone!

While anxiously awaiting the firmware update for the Motorola MPx220 smartphone, I found the following new program that will run on any Java J2ME-enabled phone: Remote Desktop for Mobiles

Remote Desktop for Mobiles it is easy-to-use, reliable and secure remote control software which will allow you to work on the remote home or office computer from your mobile phone. You will see the screen of the remote computer on your mobile phone and also you can operate mouse and keyboard of the remote computer. Additional features of Remote Desktop for Mobiles allow you to execute any console commands on the remote computer and receive result to mobile phone. In addition has a set of commands for getting a system information and perform management of system.

This sounds intriguing, but using Remote Desktop on such a small device would leave much to be desired…

Also, I acquired through third party sources one of the Dell Axim X50v Pocket PCs. This is one is a VGA based device (640×480). What is nice is that the Remote Desktop client for the Pocket PC is VGA enabled, thus actually making it usable… )