Remote Desktop Tip from Darrell Norton

Darrell Norton over at dotnetjunkies posted a useful tip for those of you who frequently use Windows 2003 Remote Desktop Sessions:

I have found at least one answer to this problem! In Windows Server 2003 (only), there is a new group policy setting called Restrict Terminal Services Users to a Single Remote Session. In the Group Policy snap-in, it is located under (Local Computer Policy/Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Terminal Services). Set the state to Enabled, and people won’t be able to have two connections. So they will either reconnect to their session, or come complain for help. But you won’t be locked out!

If the users just don’t understand the difference between Disconnect and Logoff, another useful policy is Remove Disconnect Option from Shut Down Dialog. Then the only way to disconnect is to close the Remote Desktop Window.� But doing that will popup a dialog box that tells the user the session will still be active.

[Darrell Norton’s Blog]