Security Toolkit: TrueCrypt

It’s about time for me to add to the Network Toolkit series of postings….  This time, however, it is more a “security” item.

Some of you may have already found this tool as it has been around for a while now.  I used it more frequently in the past, but stopped when Windows XP 64 bit Edition was released since this product wasn’t compatible with x64-based Windows at that time.  However, they have updated the product recently to support x64 machines AND many of the linux variants.

The product is called TrueCrypt and is available for downloading here.  This software package is ideal for securing USB flash drives (especially when you save personal data on them).  Then encryption technology is pretty top-of-the-line and is fairly easy to use (I taught someone at the office who carried their tax records on a 256MB USB drive who is fairly computer illiterate how to use TrueCrypt in a few minutes.

Note that this software has many solutions depending on how paranoid you are about securing your data.

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