Virtual PC 2007 Beta Available

OK, this is a bit late, but as of last week, the beta of Virtual PC 2007 is available if you want to sign up at the Connect website.

Not too much different except for the fact that hardware virtualization works if you are using the 64-bit version of Virtual PC on a 64-bit OS.  This version doesn’t excite me too much.  Hypervisor, on the other hand, will be impressive (Hypervisor is the virtualization “base” that will be included with Longhorn Server).  Well, that and System Center Virtual Machine Manager, which will bring much of the Virtual Server world more in line with the ESX server crowd.

My wish to the Virtual PC/Virtual Server group (and yes, I made this suggestion when I met with y’all just more than a week ago) - make importing of VMWare images easier.  There is a library of pre-built VMWare appliances available at the VMTN site, but none like this for the Virtual PC/Virtual Server side.  There is nothing stopping them from being created other than time.  That’s why I must use VMWare Server at work - I don’t have to take the time to create environments (this being on the non-Windows side - I have standard Windows 2K3 and XP images available).

Enough rambling for now…