Virtual Server 2005 R2 Now Free

Microsoft is now matching VMWare in making it’s Virtual Server 2005 R2 product available for free download and usage.  This comes after VMWare released the Beta version of VMWare Server product (which also reached Beta 2 stage today) for free.

Virtualization is going to become a bigger part of the networking and computing infrastructure of the future (it is already a major components in hosting environments).  Even the small business that I work for is looking into implementing Virtualization technologies like VMWare and Virtual Server to help in future disaster recovery and server separation needs.

For more information on the new Virtual Server 2005 R2 offering, please visit here

For more information on the VMWare Server option, please visit here

Personally, I prefer the VMWare solution at this time since the individual virtual machines seem “peppier” and the overall decrease in system usage over what Virtual Server 2005 R2 required on the same system.  Plus, over at the VMTN, there are many pre-built virtual images (both corporate and community built) for many tasks.  I run a copy of Asterisk@Home in my VM with no ill effects.

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