Weekend Roundup 1

This is the first of (hopefully) a continual series of what is new in the Networking and IT World for the past week:

  • MS Internal use of Network Access Protection Channel 9 Video - Jeff Sigman (of the NAP team) and Brent Atkison (of MS-IT) talk about how NAP is implemented on the Microsoft network.
  • Ubuntu 7.10 (GutsyGibbon) has been released, both in Desktop and Server releases. For the benefit of others at the office, we have implemented some of our public web servers on Ubuntu (although I am more a Centos or BSD dude...). Downloads are still rather slow due to the Slashdot effect.
Weekly Wishlist:
  • x64 version of PageDefrag for my servers.
  • A working version of Veridian on two of my AM2 systems that should support Virtualization, but are disabled due to processor stepping level.
Task List for the week:
  • Installing the RTM build of Windows Home Server at home...
  • Upgrade my Trixbox installation and implement OpenWingo softphones...