Hugo and Website Change Log

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This is a technical post meant for other geeks, so please feel free to skip it unless you are interested in Hugo, Static Site Generators, Theme design, and the like.

This website is currently generated by Gitlab using the publysher/hugo docker module and using Hugo 0.19. I migrated this website from Ruby-based Jekyll, which was migrated over from Wordpress. In 2010, I combined two different weblogs on Wordpress into one - my Personal Blog ( and my now-defunct Network Blog ( When I migrated to Hugo, I archived the old Network Blog so that I can have a newer “tech-y” blog about networking, scripting, security, and programming.

I created my own Bootstrap theme for Hugo using some of the “Simplex” bootswatch theme, but highly customized to support my MP3 collection of the various groups I performed with, a photo gallery now based on Google Photos, and structured data to coalesce all of the information. I also fully configured a multi-level bootstrap navbar. Feel free to grab the “mountain” folder from my themes directory and copy my config.toml file to configure all of the features. When I feel it is feature complete, I’ll post it to the Hugo Themes project.

The site is available in both HTTP and HTTPS, with HTTPS being preferred for security. Some of the non-blog data is held in an Amazon S3 instance to reduce the load on Gitlab/Github.

The base data for this website is available at both Github and Gitlab. My old Jekyll-based blog is still available at, but this content is no longer updated and is vastly out-of-date.

Recent Changes:

  • 3/13/2017 - I changed the color scheme back to a simple white and did a lot of CSS fixes to take care of the color problems associated with the white theme. I also enabled structured data for the home page, article posts, and all of the music posts.

Work to be done:

  • I have accessibility issues that I need to work out. I also have a few minor HTML5 validation issues that I plan to work out soon.
  • Implement my Event Calendar. I added the menu for it, but I have backend work. I will publish the RSS feed for the Event Calendar on the main page when complete.
  • Fix HTML5 validation issues.
  • Bring some dynamic content via JQuery or AJAX, such as current fitbit stats, twitter posts, and the like.
  • Allow pages to add menu items.

This site is copyrighted © 2017 by Jeffrey Randow. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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