I recorded videos of the American portion of the Comal Community Band concert on June 4, 2017 in Seguin, TX for the Seguin Concert in the Park Series. Ronald Avery did a full Livestream of the concert, but much of the audio is muffled. This video can be viewed at https://livestream.com/accounts/268713/seguin-central-park-concert/videos/157572962 El Camino Real Midway March World War I Medley Jersey Boys Amparito Roca All Shook Up Big Fun in the Seguin The Homefront Washington Post/Stars and Stripes Forever Read More

In 1988, the University of Texas Longhorn Band released an audio cassette (yes, not a CD - a regular cassette tape) of a lot of the traditionals. Here is a reproduction of that original tape recording. I have the tape somewhere, but this collection came from one of my trombone brethren (but I can’t seem to find the original site on the internet now-a-days). Read More

This is a quick PSA (Public Service Announcement) to go check to see if your email address is included on the recently released-to-the-public Anti Public Combo List or the Exploit.in list. I was listed in the Exploit.in list. Note that if you are on the list, you generally did not do anything to cause yourself to be on this list - a website that you used was compromised and the account database was added to list. Read More

New Braunfels Unicorn Band

Unicorn Band

Let me back up a little bit before I continue to stroll down my Longhorn Band memory lane. Before my time at the University of Texas, I was a lowly naive bandsmember of the New Braunfels High School Unicorn Band. New Braunfels is the only school in the world to have a Unicorn as a mascot. And it is a manly unicorn at that - not like the pleasant Unicorn you see in the Squatty Potty commercials. Read More

In 1993, Longhorn Band issued a CD (yes, old school) containing songs from shows from 1989 to 1993. I was in LHB for most of those years. However, this disk is no longer available from any source that I can find except for the University of Texas Libraries. For the purposes of fair use, I am posting my copy online. All rights belong to the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas Longhorn Band. Read More

Longhorn Band 1990

Longhorn Band

This is a start of a series of threads that I will post concerning my time with the University of Texas and the Longhorn Band. In the Fall of 1990, I began my journey at the University of Texas at Austin. An integral part of my experience was when I joined the Longhorn Band. In 1990, I was just a little “fish”, but made friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Read More

Hugo and Website Change Log

hugo website

This is a technical post meant for other geeks, so please feel free to skip it unless you are interested in Hugo, Static Site Generators, Theme design, and the like. This website is currently generated by Gitlab using the publysher/hugo docker module and using Hugo 0.19. I migrated this website from Ruby-based Jekyll, which was migrated over from Wordpress. In 2010, I combined two different weblogs on Wordpress into one - my Personal Blog (www. Read More

February 2017 End of Month Rollup Update

Updated to Hugo 0.19 I did my first ever public pull-request on github by updating the gitlab pages hugo docker script to hugo 0.19. I’ve done pull requests on my private repos and servers, but never on the public facing one. So everything has been updated to 0.19 and all of the links now work. :) OK, my initial plan of posting weekly went the way of the dodo-bird. It’s been a hectic month and I have only since gotten my head above the water. Read More

In the aftermath of my first trip to Camp Nerd Fitness 2014 (CNF: The Original Series) in Georgia, I posted a list of things that I was motivated to follow up on and do. This post is an update to see where I’ve been, what I am doing, and where I should be going with updates added now as I have progressed through the annals of my life. Goals from 2014 Respect my body. Read More

New Year New Start - Blog Relaunch

This posting launches the new and improved “Jeffreys Ruminations”. The previous blog was kept offline for so long because I was no longer able to generate new pages in Jekyll (the static site generator on the old site). I have since rewritten the entire site from scratch complete with my own new theme based on Bootstrap 3 for the Hugo Static Site Generator program. This has been a fun project and a learning experience for both HTML5/CSS3 and Hugo. Read More

Jeffrey Randow

Hey. I'm a IT/Developer/Infosec dude who works in San Antonio and lives in New Braunfels, TX. I'm also a graduate student pursuing a MS CS from the Georgia Institute of Technology located in Atlanta, GA. Musician at Heart. Storm Chaser. Gardener. And Amateur Meteorologist.


Current Weather Cam

Weather Cam

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